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No two migrations are alike, and at Sympraxis, we firmly believe that content migrations entail more than simply relocating content from one place to another. When we assist you with a content migration project, our objective extends beyond mere relocation. Your business undoubtedly has evolved since the establishment of your legacy systems and file shares and we recognize the importance of migrating your content to align with your organization’s current operational dynamics.

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Migration: The Sympraxis Approach

Recorded live on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 at 12:30:00 pm ET

Migrating to and within Microsoft 365 can sometimes be a daunting task fraught with challenges, from data integrity to user adoption. That’s where the Sympraxis Approach comes in. This session of Ask Sympraxis digs deeper into migrations, focusing specifically on a redesign approach. If you’d like a broader overview of migrations in general, please visit our prior session What does migration really mean?. Redesign: Pros and Cons The consensus is clear: lift and shift approaches are a thing of the past.