Teamwork & Collaboration

Microsoft 365 is a central hub for your digital workplace, playing a vital role to facilitate collaboration, support business processes, enable secure file storage and management, and so much more. Employees depend on Microsoft 365 to empower them in performing their tasks seamlessly, regardless of their location or the timing of their work. In essence, Microsoft 365 serves as an indispensable catalyst for productivity and teamwork, continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of modern organizations.

Sympraxis collaborates with you to understand the inner workings of your organization and business processes. Our primary focus lies in achieving tangible business outcomes by leveraging the readily available functionalities of Microsoft 365.Our process typically begins with a discovery phase, during which we conduct Art of the Possible workshops, conduct user research, and develop a project roadmap. If you have already completed this phase, we can build upon your existing efforts. The goal of discovery is to identify major content areas with a content inventory; explore customization, integration, or extension needs; discuss business processes; and recruit key stakeholders who will support your digital workplace strategy. At the end of the discovery process, we have the roadmap we’ve all agreed upon to drive the implementation that is unique to your organization.

Within this roadmap, we incorporate communication planning and change management considerations. We believe in creating a flexible, iterative living governance plan and incorporating training throughout the project process. Additionally, we assess the need for any customization, integrations, or extensions to ensure optimal results are achieved.

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