Executive Room Reservation App

The Executive Room Reservation application is an executive scheduling application that allows users to see upcoming meetings, select and book a room based on availability dates and the number of participants. Users can see a photo of the room where the meeting is booked, get an address to the building to put in the meeting invite, and get directions to the building. It provides a seamless way for executive assistants to schedule meeting rooms for executive meetings. The application demonstrates the ability to create a visually engaging Microsoft Teams based solution.

This application uses demo data for the personal app that is stored in a JSON file in the root site collection Site Assets library in a folder called RoomReservation. It can be extended to integrate with the room scheduling software or APIs that are used by your organization.

If you are interested in the technical aspects of this solution you can check out the GitHub repo with the source code and deployment instructions as well as look at the video we did on the PnP Community Call.