At Sympraxis, we are picky about our partners. We care about the word partner as much as we care about the word collaboration. We work with our partners for mutual benefit, and occasionally money changes hand. We never recommend a partner’s product or solution unless it’s simply the right answer for the tasks at hand.

We only recommend partners where we have confidence in both the solution and the people behind them. We take referrals very seriously. We’re not big on formal, transactional partnership programs, so we have a personally-curated set of trusted “go-to” partners for specific solutions:


Stefan Bauer is the founder of N8D in Vienna, Austria. Stefan is a talented graphic designer that has been working in the industry for over 22 years. He specializes in user interface design and front-end development. He is an expert in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. He is a recipient of the Microsoft MVP award for Office Apps and Services since 2016 and Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices team member. He is also the author of the hTWOo a fluent design framework. Sympraxis partners with N8D for UI Design services for custom development.

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Orchestry provides the governance and deployment tools we usually wish we had out of the box. When someone doesn’t want to do any coding to roll out sites or Teams, this is what we recommend.

Read our Customer Case Study on Maine Source Homes in partnership with Orchestry.

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When we do migrations involving SharePoint our go-to product is ShareGate. It has never let us down. ShareGate is our “care and feeding” tool for SharePoint and Teams on a daily basis with additional benefits like reporting and Teams governance through Apricot.

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SharePoint Maven

Anyone who knows Greg knows his presence in the community. If you need to understand the basics of SharePoint or get help setting things up out of the box, Greg is a fantastic resource.

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Voitanos is our go-to suggestion when someone asks us for training suggestions to get themselves or their team up to speed on extending Microsoft 365 with the SharePoint Framework.

Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Ultimate Bundle

Mastering the SharePoint Framework - Fundamentals Bundle

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