Migrations & Modernization

No two migrations are alike, and at Sympraxis, we firmly believe that content migrations entail more than simply relocating content from one place to another. When we assist you with a content migration project, our objective extends beyond mere relocation. Your business undoubtedly has evolved since the establishment of your legacy systems and file shares and we recognize the importance of migrating your content to align with your organization’s current operational dynamics. In collaboration with you, we engage in an inclusive process of assessing, planning, migrating, and testing your content, with a primary focus on enhancing usability and establishing an intuitive information architecture.

With our extensive experience in undertaking numerous successful migrations, we have acquired valuable insights and knowledge. We are well-equipped to provide informed recommendations regarding the most effective tools and techniques tailored to your specific migration needs. By leveraging our expertise and employing tools such as PowerShell or Sharegate - a third-party solution we hold in high regard - we ensure that your migration process proceeds as smoothly as possible, benefiting both you and your users. We understand that migrations can be challenging, which is why we endeavor to enhance the overall experience by infusing our work with expertise, effective change management, and a positive, light-hearted approach.

In addition, we emphasize the importance of completing a comprehensive content inventory prior to migration. Conducting a thorough inventory enables us to gain a holistic understanding of your content landscape, identifying redundancies, outdated materials, and potential areas for improvement. This critical step lays the foundation for a streamlined and efficient migration process. Our expertise extends to the development of a scalable information architecture. We recognize the significance of organizing your content in a structured and intuitive manner, ensuring that users can easily navigate and locate the information they require. By employing industry better practices and leveraging our deep understanding of information architecture principles, we create an environment that optimizes content discoverability and promotes a seamless user experience.

Lastly, we emphasize the importance of defining clear governance guidelines as part of the migration process. Establishing governance ensures that content ownership, permissions, and responsibilities are clearly defined and documented, enabling efficient content management and facilitating future scalability.

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