Microsoft 365 Advisory Service

Many people believe in the promise of Microsoft 365 technologies, but aren’t sure where to focus their resources or efforts to improve their business processes. We’ve been there, and we can help you understand what really matters and how to prioritize.


For organizations with a team looking for guidance on best practices or upcoming features in Microsoft 365 we offer 1:1 coaching. Spend more time focused on building solutions for your organization and less time figuring it all out. These in-person or virtual sessions are tailored to your business needs and are completely customizable. Sometimes at Sympraxis we call this “talk therapy”. We have the knowledge and connections in the community to answer your broad questions. If we don’t know about something, we’ll tell you and we’ll bring in experts who do. As a trusted adviser, we aim to enable you to independently manage your environment and leverage new solutions.


Microsoft 365 offers a wealth of solutions to improve communication and productivity in your organization - more than most people can keep track of. We provide training customized to your environment and unique business processes to drive employee engagement and adoption. We believe the best training comes in the context of getting something concrete done in your organization. We’ll teach you based on what technologies and services you’re using with real examples.

If you need formal classroom training we are happy to refer you to partners who specialize in training on the technology you need. Most importantly, we believe in teaching no matter how we are working with you. Every project we do means increasing our clients’ skillsets.

Change Management

If you do it right, these technologies should fundamentally change the way your organization operates - for the better. This requires changes in behavior throughout the organization by gaining the trust of your users and generating buy-in. It’s about hearts and minds - what’s in it for them.

An effective change management process involves key people early, sharing the reasons and purposes for the changes, collecting their input and suggestions. The change becomes something they own and can believe in, not something happening to them. We can anticipate and directly address the spoken and unspoken fears of your people during this change. Let us help you develop a plan so your solutions drive employee engagement and efficiency.

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