Microsoft 365 Jumpstart

Sometimes you just need a helping hand to get started or someone to talk with to answer specific questions your having. That’s why we created our Microsoft 365 jumpstart. We often talk about these sessions as “talk therapy”, it’s a safe space to ask questions, get information, or have someone help you out of a ditch. Were here to help you even if it’s only for an hour. Sticking with our mission to provide the best advice and service we can, we now offer 1-hour sessions on two key topics: Microsoft 365 learning pathways and SharePoint Framework (SPFx). You can schedule a session today.

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways offers a robust, customizable solution to empower your organization with the tools and resources necessary for continuous learning and development. This 1-hour jumpstart is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how to provision and effectively utilize Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways. We will provide an introduction to Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways, provision the solution in your environment, and talk about how to customize and manage the tool.

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Advisory Meeting

A SharePoint Framework Advisory Meeting is a collaborative session in which Sympraxis experts collaborate with you to discuss, strategize, and provide guidance on the use of the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). This can range from an overarching strategy to specific questions or issues you are encountering.

Schedule your session today

You can schedule your session based on your availability today.