Intranet & Employee Experience

Your SharePoint intranet is a central hub for your digital workplace, playing a vital role to facilitate communication, support business processes and knowledge management. Regardless of their location or device, employees rely on the intranet to stay informed, enhance productivity, and foster engagement.

An exemplary intranet goes beyond merely providing access to up-to-date benefits information and corporate news. It becomes a platform for expressing your organization’s strategy, culture, and goals. With features like Viva Connections, the intranet seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing colleagues to access personalized content effortlessly where they are already working.

Sympraxis collaborates with you to understand the inner workings of your organization and communication dynamics. Our primary focus lies in achieving tangible business outcomes by leveraging the readily available functionalities of SharePoint. Our process typically begins with a discovery phase, during which we conduct Art of the Possible workshops, conduct user research, and develop a project roadmap. If you have already completed this phase, we can build upon your existing efforts. The goal of discovery is to identify major content areas with a content inventory, establish a site topology that aligns with your organization’s needs, identify branding components and themes, and recruit key stakeholders who will support the intranet’s development. While creating your enterprise information architecture (IA) is an iterative process, during the discovery we identify the high-level IA which will allow for purpose-built, search-driven user experiences. At the end of the discovery process, we have the roadmap we’ve all agreed upon to drive the implementation.

Within this roadmap, we incorporate communication planning and change management considerations. We believe in creating a flexible, iterative living governance plan and incorporating training throughout the project process. Additionally, we assess the need for any customization, integrations, or extensions to ensure optimal results are achieved.

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In this Ask Sympraxis session, the team focused on the transformative realm of unlocking the power of Microsoft Teams templates. The conversation focused on the different ways to template in teams from the Teams Admin Center​, out of the box options, copying from existing teams or templates, and auomation of the configuration. Tune into the session and leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to enhance teamwork and productivity within your organizations.

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At its core, a template serves as a blueprint, allowing repeatability, consistency, and encapsulating institutional knowledge. For more detailed information and an overview of templates in general, please visit our prior Ask Sympraxis session. Maturity Model approach As we love to often reference, templates can also be viewed in relation to the Maturity Model. Starting at level 100, templates are completely absent, and everything is configured manually on the fly.