CloudDev Clarity

Part of the offerings from Sympraxis Consulting is Customization, Integration & Extension. Although many of you might think of us as the migration and intranet experts, we spend a lot of time making sure we understand where the line shifts from out-of-the-box configuration and better practices to extending the platform to provide our customers bespoke solutions that fit their unique business processes and productivity goals.

As another community offering our own Julie Turner has joined forces with developer training expert and owner of Voitanos, Andrew Connell in a new show called CloudDev Clarity where they spend about 30 minutes going deep on a development related topic for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and related technologies. If you would like to join in the conversation, be sure to check out the playlist hosted on Voitanos’ YouTube channel and subscribe to get notified of latest releases.

You can also get more involved by joining the Voitanos’ Discord community where we’ve set up a section just for the show. Get news and updates and join the chat to talk about past episodes, make suggestions on future ones, or chat about the episode as we record it. That’s right, we’re streaming the audio from our episodes live so you can listen in to the pre-edited show. There will be events listed in the Discord community to tell you when we’re recording our next episode so you can be notified. Check out the details for joining the Discord community by going to

If you’re interested in more out of the box Microsoft 365 topics be sure to follow Sympraxis’ You Tube channel to get notified of new episodes of Ask Sympraxis our bi-weekly show where we tackle a new user experience topic with the whole Sympraxis crew.

For an intro to what the show is all about check out our intro video below.

Latest Episodes

010 | Key observations & takeaways - State of JavaScript (JS) Survey 2022

on Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023

Since 2016, survey authors Sacha Greif and Eric Burel have tried to help bring some clarity to the JavaScript ecosystem by hosting the State of JS survey. The survey classifies language expansions, frameworks, tools, and resources by surveying 40,000 responses from the community. In this episode AC, …

009 | React Hooks: Class Components vs. Functional Components & Opinions on When & Where to use them

on Sunday, Sep 18, 2022

In this 9th episode, Andrew & Julie join the great debate of React class components or React hooks. We define what the differences are and make sure we address some listener questions submitted to our Discord channel all while sharing our unique perspectives on the question. We also talked about …

008 | Introducing 'Browser Native'

on Monday, Sep 12, 2022

In this 8th episode of CloudDev Clarity, Andrew flips the table around and interviews Julie & Bob German about their new series of videos: Browser Native. This series is hosted on this channel... what is it? Tune into this episode to hear all about it, how it came about, what Julie & Bob have in …

007 | React, Angular, & web frameworks: good, bad, and ugly!

on Wednesday, Sep 7, 2022

In this 7th episode, Andrew & Julie discuss web frameworks. We talk about all the front-end frameworks by reviewing the results of the 2021 State of JavaScript survey. We also briefly discuss what is and is not a web framework and which ones we've used, liked, and disliked. We end with a spicy …

006 | Azure resource tour: what we use, why, and our favorites

on Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022

In this 6th episode, Andrew & Julie share their must used #Azure resources, why they like them, and what they use them for in their projects. And as a bonus, hear what they're looking forward to learning, & spending more time with in the future!