About Sympraxis

Sympraxis Consulting, founded in 2008, is a team of experienced professionals and Microsoft MVPs creating Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Azure based solutions. We have proven expertise in project management, information architecture, user experience design, knowledge management, development, and administration.

We are privileged to have built a team of experts and friends who live across the globe, all working towards the same goal: to deliver excellent, people-focused, and sustainable solutions for our clients.

We are a passionate group of technologists that take what we do seriously and like to have fun while doing it. We believe in making sure we understand the “why” before we work on the “how”, ensuring we build the best solutions for your business. We are dedicated to creating technology that empowers people within their workplace to make the most of their tools and maximize their time.

Sympraxi in Greek means “partnership” or “collaboration”. We take those words seriously and we partner with our clients in a true sense, striving for shared success. We also partner and collaborate internally; we each work for the success of the others.