Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices

The Sympraxis team is deeply involved with the Patterns and Practices team. We are regular contributors to the PnP calls, PnPjs, Adaptive Card Extensions sample repository, Microsoft 365 Community Content, Sharing is Caring sessions, and the Microsoft 365 Maturity Model.

This solution showcases twelve sample Adaptive Card Extensions and deploys a personal app to demonstrate deep linking to Teams. It is designed to show the art of the possible for ACE development and allow for a quick start.

COVID-19 Attestation App

Explore a sample we created to assist with return to work. We created an app that allows business to capture employee data and attestation using SPFx.

Executive Room Reservation App

This example shows how to leverage Teams as a one stop location for executive room scheduling.

Learning Pathways

Microsoft 365 learning pathways is a customizable, on-demand learning solution designed to increase usage and adoption of Microsoft 365 services in your organization as well as support your custom learning content with the ability to put both in context across your SharePoint sites.

Maturity Model for Microsoft 365

The Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 concentrates on defining a set of business competencies, that resonate with Microsoft 365 yet underpin real business activities. The documents create a set of tools that allow organizations to figure out where they are in any function or department and what ‘better’ entails.

Microsoft Community Content

Explore content the community has created to better explain the “why” behind our solution decisions in Microsoft 365


PnPjs is a collection of fluent libraries for consuming SharePoint, Graph, and Office 365 REST APIs in a type-safe way. You can use it within SharePoint Framework, Nodejs, or any JavaScript project.

Viva Connections Adaptive Card Extensions (ACEs) Sample Repository

Viva Connections Adaptive Card Extensions are cards that can be exposed through the Viva Connections desktop or mobile experiences. This repository contains community samples that demonstrate different usage patterns for the SharePoint Framework client-side web parts.

World Clock App

Explore a sample we created to help groups work across a geographically dispersed team.