We're thankful for community

This Ask Sympraxis session focuses on what we are most thankful for, and that’s community-driven initiatives! These diverse and valuable resources within the Microsoft 365 community are aimed at improving user experiences and optimizing organizational workflows.

Microsoft 365 Community Content

The Microsoft 365 Community Content project is an open platform where anyone can contribute. It emphasizes practical content designed to help users comprehend and effectively utilize Microsoft 365 tools. Ranging from fundamental guides to advanced articles combining multiple products, the project is a collaborative effort that continues to evolve.

The Maturity Model

Embedded within the same community content hub is the Maturity Model for Microsoft 365. This tool allows organizations to assess their competencies, determine their level of maturity, and understand how to progress further. Regular calls, held every third Tuesday at 10 am EST, ensure ongoing community engagement and contributions.

Learning Pathways

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is a versatile tool for creating micro-learning playlists tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Keep an eye on the change log for upcoming Copilot content, and be sure to check out the new Microsoft Viva content.

PnP PowerShell and Microsoft 365 CLI

PnP PowerShell provides consistent outcomes and valuable deliverables. Both PowerShell and Microsoft 365 CLI are community-supported resources, offering transparency through documented scripts.

PnPjs, hTWOo, and PnP Core SDKs

For developers, community-led efforts include PnPjs, hTWOo, and PNP Core SDKs, facilitating solution building and query writing. These tools accelerate the delivery of efficient solutions and are recommended for those seeking to enhance their development capabilities.

Sample Repositories

There is a plethora of sample repositories within the community including list formatting, reference scenarios, the SPFx gallery, and the collection of all samples. These resources serve as valuable repositories for ready-to-use or customizable solutions. Some provide turn-key solutions while others provide references on how to do this yourself.

In essence, the Microsoft 365 community is a dynamic space offering collaborative initiatives, tools, and resources. Whether users are looking for practical guides, assessing organizational maturity, or engaging in development, this community provides a robust support system for users at every level. It encourages exploration, contribution, and utilization of resources to enhance the overall Microsoft 365 experience.

All Resources

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