SharePoint & Teams: What To Use When Part 3

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Users need to stay informed about organizational news

This is one where a lot of people may not even be asking themselves yet, “SharePoint or Teams,” because they may be stuck sharing organizational news via email. We recommend starting to share news from SharePoint, that way all the content is in one place on the intranet versus needing to search the intranet and an email inbox to be fully up-to-date. You can make this news front and center in Teams by using the connector for SharePoint news. When a new article is published, it will appear in the channel feed. News can also be seen anywhere the SharePoint App Bar is present.

Coming January 2022, Ignite announced users will be able to create pages from Teams, but the underlying place users are posting is technically a SharePoint site. This function is for group-backed Team Sites.

Users need to search across the enterprise for content

This new enterprise search experience in Teams was announced at Ignite 2021. SharePoint had the Microsoft 365 search experience for a couple years - which searches SharePoint and related information.

A similar experience was built and brought to Teams which is currently available in public preview. Essentially, when users do a search, a search results screen appears with messages and files that match your search. Search results, however, will be scoped to Teams itself. Users can toggle between different tabs, including All, Messages, People, and Files.

External collaboration (extranet) with a vendor or client

The decision to use SharePoint or Teams depends on what the main objective is for that external collaboration. If it’s a publishing model, SharePoint may be the better choice because a communication site can be used to allow folks in and you have control over edit vs. read access, etc. If users are in a situation where there is a need to actively collaborate, Teams is the better option for two-way communication. For co-authoring content, Teams is probably the best place since everybody has access in one place where they are already working.


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