New Microsoft Teams Updates

Microsoft Teams is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of its users. In this session of Ask Sympraxis, we dive into several exciting new features and enhancements to boost your Teams experience. While we’ve provided a brief overview of what was covered, for in-depth information on these updates, we encourage you to watch the entire episode.

Multi-Account Management

The new Microsoft Teams allows you to seamlessly integrate multiple Microsoft accounts into your Teams workspace and quickly switch tenants.

New Posts at Top

Another feature that garnered attention is the ability to customize where you see new posts within a channel. You can choose whether new posts appear at the top or bottom of a channel, enabling you to tailor your Teams experience to your preferences.

Flexible File Handling

When you encounter a link in a post, you can choose where you want to open the file and specify the download location. This allows for better organization and ensures that files don’t clutter your default download folder.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

Searching for specific information within Teams has become more straightforward. While in a post section of a channel or in a chat, you can open a search box using Control+F. This localized search feature makes it easier to find what you need, particularly when you know which channel to focus on.

Updated Presenter View

The updated presenter view includes new drawing and pen tools, a laser pointer, different hide options, and even translation options. Additionally, there’s a “speaker coach” feature that reviews your presentation and provides feedback on your speech.

People/Contact Experience

We also briefly introduce the new people/contact experience, enhancing the way you interact with your colleagues and contacts within Teams.

Custom Avatars

A unique feature allows you to present as a custom avatar in Teams meetings. While it can be fun to experiment with, keep in mind that using an avatar might reduce the personal touch and reactions that you can convey in meetings.

Mac-Specific Considerations

If you’re a Mac user, we strongly recommend watching the session, as we comprehensively cover these updates and provide insights into what is applicable and what may not seamlessly translate to the Mac user experience.

This Ask Sympraxis session shed light on numerous new and improved features within Microsoft Teams. It’s important to explore these features and customize your Teams experience to suit your unique preferences and requirements. Keep an eye on Microsoft Teams updates for even more enhancements in the future!


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