Working Across Tenant & Identities in Microsoft 365

Microsoft account switcher announcement

Microsoft has recently announced a new account switcher feature for Microsoft 365 web apps. This new feature is a progressive rollout being implemented through the end of June and will allow users of specific applications to log into multiple tenants and seamlessly switch between them within the same browser session. Ideally this will limit the various workarounds so many of us have become accustomed to using. Although not every app will support this feature, overall, we expect this change to reflect in a positive user experience.

Who will benefit

There are many practical uses of this new feature. Those working in consultancy positions will likely see a great benefit as you’ll have the ability to toggle between multiple client sessions without having to continually sign in/out. This feature is a lighter-weight alternative to existing “profiles” options or Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s).


As with nearly any change, there are a few limitations to be wary about. First off, this feature is not fully rolled out and missing in some applications including SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive. Another limitation is that each app will only have one account active at a time. When you are logged into multiple browser tabs with different accounts you will be notified to refresh the tabs with non-active accounts. Since you can only be logged into one account per app, this means you’d still need to use different browsers if you want to be in multiple SharePoint or Teams instances simultaneously.


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