Ask Sympraxis Anything - October 2023

We had another highly productive “Ask Sympraxis Anything” session! Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who submitted questions and actively participated. Here are the key insights and takeaways from the session!

What are the ramifications of breaking permission inheritance in SharePoint online?

We highly emphasize the importance of avoiding haphazardly breaking permissions. In the past this resulted in performance issues. This isn’t as much of an issue now as the landscape of SharePoint has evolved, especially in SharePoint Online. Despite this, we still believe that breaking inheritance should be done sparingly and thoughtfully. It’s crucial to weigh the benefits against the potential management complexity it may introduce. The key takeaway is that permissions should be organized methodically, and breaking inheritance should be the exception rather than the rule. If you find yourself breaking inheritance regularly, you might want to redesign your information architecture.

Regulatory Forms in Microsoft 365

Overall, it is a challenge to meet regulatory standards with out-of-the-box solutions in Microsoft 365. When you have very specific standards to meet and tools such as Microsoft Forms, SharePoint lists, and/or Power Apps, do not meet the exact requirements, a custom form will need to be developed. SharePoint’s Framework form customizer is a powerful tool for creating tailored form experiences.

List/Library SPFx customizations in page web part view

SPFx customizations are versatile and can be applied to enhance user experiences. However, you need to be aware that there are limitations in certain scenarios, such as Teams integration.

Site Templates in Microsoft 365

While these templates can be useful for quick setups, they often lack robust information architecture, making them unsuitable for more complex enterprise needs. The consensus is that organizations should consider customizing templates to align with their specific requirements and best practices.

How to get site and page view analytics in SharePoint online

Site and Page View Analytics: The participants explore the topic of site and page view analytics. There are various methods that can be used to access site and page view analytics such as auditing logs and Power BI reporting. Additionally, you can dive deeper into custom analytics solutions using Azure Application Insights for more in-depth tracking and reporting.

Can user profile information in the User Profile Service Application (UPA) be synchronized with hidden groups and permissions?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward solution for this within the current Microsoft ecosystem due to the age and intricate nature of the UPA.

As Microsoft 365 users, staying informed about the latest features and best practices is essential for effective content management and collaboration within the platform. Whether it’s breaking inheritance, customizing forms, or exploring analytics, the world of SharePoint offers endless possibilities for improving productivity and security. Stay tuned for more informative sessions and discussions to come!

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