Ask Sympraxis Anything - August 2021

Is there an existing resource that shows exactly which parts of a SharePoint site use which theme slots from the Fluent UI Theme Designer?

There isn’t an out-of-the-box way to know how SharePoint combines the different theme colors in the Theme Designer. Some members of the community have done some research to try and nail it down a little. Laura Kokkarinen did a good job of pulling out a few of these combinations as did Stefan Bauer. Derek also posted about the different theme colors used for headers. There’s also a webpart called Panathema created by Stefan Bauer which helps you identify which colors are identified with each theme slot.

Is there a way to tell which Office 365 groups are actually using Planner?

The API currently doesn’t support this because there are no application level permissions for planner APIs in the Graph. You could work around this by having an administrative account where users can add that account as a group, then check to see if there’s any plans for the group as the administrative user. When you get the Outlook group in the graph there is a property called inceptioned. If the value says planner then the group was created by Planner. If not it was from Outlook.

Do you know if there is any plans for Microsoft to allow site owners to download hub site usage data?

There is currently no way to download the hub site data usage. We checked with Microsoft after the call and they said it is currently “as designed.”

Do you have any information about the new stream release? When the new stream is fully operational, do we need to migrate those videos?

Steam classic is a separate service stream. The new Stream experience stores files directly in SharePoint/Teams for the meetings being recorded. There currently isn’t a way to move from one to the other but Microsoft knows about this issue and will probably offer some sort of PowerShell way to do this in the future.

How can I force a refresh on all modern pages to fix an alignment bug?

The short answer is no you can’t force a refresh on the page. This sounds like a caching issue though. To improve performance the pages are caching more pages and page components than they used to. The refresh is asking for the full page instead of switching from one page to another like if you’re clicking a link in the nav. There may not be a better answer other than clearing the cache.

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