Adaptive Card Extension Design Gallery Privacy Statement

Who we are

Our website address is:

We created this application to show how you can leverage Adaptive Card Extensions with a visually appealing look. It is designed to show the art of the possible. You should feel free to use this app to show people what you can do with ACEs. You can get the source code here If you encounter any issues please post them there.

What personal data does the app collect

The app doesn’t collect or store any personal data. The app is designed to show the art of the possible when it comes to ACE designs. Where there are form elements in the Adaptive Card Extensions that data is only passed to the Teams App to demonstrate deep linking capabilities and is not stored.


The application does not use cookies outside of the cookies generated by Microsoft 365. No cookies are generated for the app itself.


The application collects no analytic data.

How long we retain your data

Because we are not collecting data we are not retaining data. Enjoy the examples and please user them in your own designs.