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Collaboration means so much more than simply working on documents together; it encompasses entirely new ways to work. The technology that an enterprise uses to support that new work is, however, critical to success.

Sympraxis Consulting LLC focuses on enabling collaboration by developing solutions to improve collaboration within teams, with outside partners, and across the enterprise using the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Sympraxis also assists organizations with collaboration strategies, planning, design, change management, and managing follow on challenges.

With our wide range of experience delivering proven solutions in many industries, we can help you quickly and painlessly realize the potential of these technologies no matter the size of your organization.

 Collaborate and Boost Productivity with Microsoft SharePoint

Successful teams know that collaboration and knowledge sharing save time and lead to great results. Using Microsoft SharePoint, Sympraxis Consulting delivers applications that:

  • Guide your teams toward effective collaboration. Having an online place to chat and store documents doesn't foster collaboration. Sympraxis knows what does.
  • Support decision-making with the best information. Your team's best knowledge walks out the door at the end of every day. Capture and make use of what the best practitioners know.
  • Improve your productivity. Stop re-acquiring the knowledge you already have so you can devote your effort to what you're really in business to do.
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 About this Site

At Sympraxis Consulting, we believe in what we do and the technologies we've chosen for our focus.  Because of that, this site is built on Microsoft's Windows® SharePoint® Services.  We've branded it simply, as we feel that good content and simple branding is what gets the point across, not lots of flash and sizzle (though there's a place in this world for flash and sizzle!).

 See Our Work in Action

Visit our demo site to see working, downloadable examples of some of our solutions.

Read the White Paper: The Middle Tier Manifesto: An Alternative Approach to Development with Microsoft SharePoint


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